James Boston

Multi instumentalist, sound designer, composer, performer

I compose and produce songs, compositions, soundscapes and sound effects for the theatre. I also work with performers as a music director to really bring compositions to life. See below for extracts from previous shows




Above: some footage from an Arts Council funded production of Mervyn Peake's Noah's Ark by the Blue Elephant Theatre, a show for 6 to 10 year olds. The music was performed completely live by the actors. This is sung just as the Ark is being prepared to face the ensuing storm.



Below: A sample of incidental music from the same show. The Hyena and Vulcher (the 'bad guys') mince around in a mischievious manner.


The above extract was taken from Topsy Turvy Theatre's show for children aged 3-7 Isobel.


The puppets illustrated above were the work of puppet maker and set designer Jessica Kay. To visit her website click

Visit Jessica Kay Puppets Visit Topsy Turvy

Above:This is from a production by Cats Grin Theatre of Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen. To be played during a manic comedy sequence